Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
02.01 2015 Fall Accreditation Adopt the ASCCC Paper Effective Practices in Accreditation Accreditation Committee
02.02 2015 Fall Accreditation Endorse the CCCCO Task Force on Accreditation Report Accreditation Committee
07.01 2015 Fall Consultation with the Chancellor's Office LGBT MIS Data Collection and Dissemination Executive Committee
07.02 2015 Fall Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Support for Authorization Reciprocity Agreements Online Education Committee
07.03 2015 Fall Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Ensuring Accurate Information in the California Virtual Campus Catalog Online Education Committee
07.04 2015 Fall Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Economic Workforce Development (EWD) Program Evaluation Executive Committee
07.05 2015 Fall Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Review of Chancellor’s Office Oversight of Initiatives Executive Committee
09.01 2015 Fall Curriculum Creation of Local Online Education Rubrics Online Education Committee
09.02 2015 Fall Curriculum Defining the Parameters of the California Community College Baccalaureate Degree in Title 5 5C
09.03 2015 Fall Curriculum Baccalaureate Level General Education at the California Community Colleges 5C
09.04 2015 Fall Curriculum Limitations on Enrollment and Admission Criteria for Baccalaureate Programs 5C
09.05 2015 Fall Curriculum Upper Division General Education Curriculum for Baccalaureate Pilot Programs President
09.06 2015 Fall Curriculum Support for Baccalaureate Pilot Programs President
09.07 2015 Fall Curriculum Definition of Regular, Effective, and Substantive Contact Online Education Committee
09.08 2015 Fall Curriculum Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Local Curriculum Processes Curriculum Committee
09.09 2015 Fall Curriculum Revisit the Title 5 Definition of the Credit Hour 5C
09.10 2015 Fall Curriculum Professional Guidelines and Effective Practices for Using Publisher Generated Course Materials Online Education Committee
09.11 2015 Fall Curriculum Oppose External Honors Programs Curriculum Committee
09.12 2015 Fall Curriculum Support Local Development of Curricular Pathways Curriculum Committee
09.13 2015 Fall Curriculum Develop Descriptors for Alternative Prerequisites for Statistics C-ID Leadership
09.14 2015 Fall Curriculum Resolution in Support of Credit ESL 5C
10.01 2015 Fall Disciplines List Minimum Qualifications for Instruction of Upper Division Courses at the California Community Colleges Executive Committee
12.01 2015 Fall Faculty Development Hiring Culturally Aware Faculty Faculty Leadership Development Committee
12.02 2015 Fall Faculty Development Mutually Agreed Upon Criteria for Setting Hiring Priorities Campus-wide Faculty Leadership Development Committee
13.01 2015 Fall General Concerns Addition of Course Identification Numbers (C-ID) to College Catalogs and Student Transcripts Executive Committee