Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
01.01 2021 Fall Academic Senate Adopt the updated Periodic Review of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges
01.02 2021 Fall Academic Senate Honoring Dan Crump with Senator Emeritus
01.03 2021 Fall Academic Senate Honoring Lesley Kawaguchi with Senator Emeritus
01.04 2021 Fall Academic Senate Greater Transparency in the Committee Appointment Process
01.05 2021 Fall Academic Senate Remote Attendance Option for ASCCC Events
03.01 2021 Fall Diversity and Equity Resources for Racial Justice and Critical Race Theory
03.02 2021 Fall Diversity and Equity Equity in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)
03.03 2021 Fall Diversity and Equity Support for Mental Health Awareness and Trauma Informed Teaching and Learning
03.04 2021 Fall Diversity and Equity Develop Statewide Recommendation for Definition of Low-Cost Course Materials
03.05 2021 Fall Diversity and Equity Zero Means Zero Textbook Cost
04.01 2021 Fall Articulation and Transfer Transfer Pathway Guarantees
07.01 2021 Fall Consultation with the Chancellor's Office System-Level Zero-Textbook-Cost Resources
07.02 2021 Fall Consultation with the Chancellor's Office HyFlex Modality Accounting and Apportionment
09.01 2021 Fall Curriculum Adding Culturally Responsive Curriculum, Equity Mindedness and Anti-Racism to Course Outline of Record (COR) Requirements in Title 5
09.02 2021 Fall Curriculum Update Baccalaureate Degree Handbook
09.03 2021 Fall Curriculum Adopt “The Role of Faculty in Tutoring and Learning Centers” Paper
11.01 2021 Fall Technology Equitable Access to Technology
11.02 2021 Fall Technology Greater Use of Telecommuting and Digital Processes
13.01 R 2021 Fall General Concerns Faculty Responsibility for Confirming Course Resource Accuracy
13.02 2021 Fall General Concerns In Support of Prevention and Control of COVID-19 in the Interest of Safe Learning Environments
15.01 2021 Fall Intersegmental Issues Adopt the ICAS English as a Second Language (ESL) Report: 2020 Update
16.01 2021 Fall Library and Learning Resources Advocate for Electronic Access to Required Course Materials
17.01 2021 Fall Local Senates Local Senate Policies Regarding Textbook Adoption
19.01 2021 Fall Professional Standards Support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion-Focused Hiring Practices
20.01 R 2021 Fall Students Improve Math and English Outcomes by Expanding Access and Addressing COVID-19 Related Learning Disruption