Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
01.01 2008 Fall Academic Senate Amend Academic Senate Election Rules Executive Director
01.02 2008 Fall Academic Senate Amend ASCCC Mission Statement Unassigned
01.03 2008 Fall Academic Senate Change Status of Transfer and Articulation Ad Hoc Committee Unassigned
02.01 2008 Fall Accreditation Opposition to Using SLOs in Faculty Evaluation
02.02 2008 Fall Accreditation Academic Integrity and the Higher Education Reauthorization Act of 2008 Unassigned
02.03 2008 Fall Accreditation Influencing Federal Accreditation Outcomes Accreditation Committee
02.04 2008 Fall Accreditation Re-articulation of Accreditation Standard III.A.1.c Unassigned
02.05 2008 Fall Accreditation Responding to Accreditation Recommendations Unassigned
02.06 2008 Fall Accreditation Improved Training of Accreditation Teams Unassigned
03.01 2008 Fall Equity and Diversity Support for the Efforts of the Umoja Community Unassigned
04.01 2008 Fall Articulation and Transfer Faculty Leadership in Transfer Unassigned
05.01 2008 Fall Budget and Finance Tracking Accreditation Expenditures Unassigned
05.02 2008 Fall Budget and Finance Response to Current Budget Cuts: Maintaining "10+1" in Budget Crisis Unassigned
08.01 2008 Fall Counseling Standards of Practice for Counseling Faculty and Programs Unassigned
09.01 2008 Fall Curriculum Resource Library of Course, Program and Institutional/GE Level Student Learning Outcomes Unassigned
09.02 2008 Fall Curriculum ARCC Reporting on Basic Skills Unassigned
09.03 2008 Fall Curriculum Defining the Associate of Arts and Associate of Science Unassigned
09.04 2008 Fall Disabled Faculty Sustainability Curriculum Unassigned
09.05 2008 Fall Curriculum Ensuring the Integrity of Credit by Exam Processes Unassigned
10.01 2008 Fall Disciplines List Minimum Qualifications for Learning Assistance Coordinators and Instructors Unassigned
13.01 2008 Fall General Concerns Add/Drop Deadlines Unassigned
13.02 2008 Fall General Concerns Changes to TBA Hour Policies Unassigned
13.03 2008 Fall General Concerns Academic Integrity Resource Library Unassigned
13.04 2008 Fall General Concerns Title 5 Searches Unassigned
13.05 2008 Fall General Concerns Encouraging Non-Faculty Guests to Attend Plenary Sessions Unassigned