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# Year Session Title Topic Committee
10.03.03 2016 Fall Amend Resolution 10.03 F16 Disciplines List Standards and Practices Committee
12.01 2016 Fall Include Professional Learning Network (PLN) Resources to Satisfy Flex Requirements Faculty Development Faculty Leadership Development Committee
15.01 2016 Fall California State University Quantitative Reasoning Task Force Report Intersegmental Issues Curriculum Committee
15.02 2016 Fall Approval of Associate Degrees for Transfer That Include Courses Pending C-ID Approval Intersegmental Issues C-ID Leadership
16.01 2016 Fall Resolution in Support of a Statewide Integrated Library System Library and Learning Resources President
16.02 2016 Fall Modification of the CCCApply Standard Application for Noncredit Students Library and Learning Resources Noncredit, Pre-Transfer, & Continuing Education Committee
17.01 2016 Fall Posting of Local Equivalency Processes on Websites Local Senates Standards and Practices Committee
18.01 2016 Fall Local Senate Approval for Participation in Multiple Measures Assessment Project (MMAP) Matriculation Educational Policies Committee
18.02 2016 Fall Validation of Statewide Multiple Measures Matriculation CAI Representatives
18.03 2016 Fall Writing Assessment for the Common Assessment System Matriculation CAI Representatives
21.01 2016 Fall Faculty Participation in Career Technical Education Regional Consortia Governance Career Technical Education CTE Leadership Committee
21.02 2016 Fall Identify and Disseminate Effective Practices for Career Technical Education Advisory Committees Career Technical Education CTE Leadership Committee
21.03 2016 Fall Institute for Counseling Faculty Focused on Career Technical Education Career Technical Education CTE Leadership Committee
21.04 2016 Fall Career Technical Education Professional Development for Faculty Internships and Mentoring Career Technical Education CTE Leadership Committee
21.05 2016 Fall Support for Career Technical Education Programs Career Technical Education CTE Leadership Committee
21.06 2016 Fall Career Technical Education Apprenticeship Programs Career Technical Education Standards and Practices Committee
01.01 2016 Spring Mentoring Programs for Part-Time Faculty Academic Senate Part-Time Committee
01.02 2016 Spring Honor and Thank Emeritus Chancellor Brice Harris Academic Senate President
03.01 2016 Spring Diversifying Faculty to Enhance Student Success Diversity and Equity Equity and Diversity Action Committee
03.02 2016 Spring Student Equity: Ongoing Funding Commitment Diversity and Equity Legislative and Advocacy Committee