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# Year Session Title Topic Committee
03.03 1990 Spring Raise Funding Floor for Staff Diversity Diversity and Equity Unassigned
03.04 1990 Spring EOP&S Commendation Diversity and Equity Unassigned
03.05 1990 Spring Executive Committee Retreat Diversity and Equity Unassigned
03.06 1990 Spring Student Retention Diversity and Equity Unassigned
03.07 1990 Spring Executive Committee Diversity Diversity and Equity Unassigned
04.01 1990 Spring General Education Transfer Curriculum Curriculum Unassigned
04.02 1990 Spring Transfer Units Curriculum Unassigned
04.03 1990 Spring Fund ESL Review Curriculum Unassigned
04.04 1990 Spring English Language Students Curriculum Unassigned
04.05 1990 Spring Multi-Cultural Course Curriculum Unassigned
04.06 1990 Spring Course Repetition: Visual and Performing Arts Curriculum Unassigned
05.01 1990 Spring Faculty Development Policy Guidelines Faculty Development Unassigned
05.02 1990 Spring Internship for More Community College Teachers Faculty Development Unassigned
05.03 1990 Spring Raise Funding Floor for Staff Development Faculty Development Unassigned
05.04 1990 Spring Institute for Instructional Improvement and Innovation Faculty Development Unassigned
06.01 1990 Spring Foundations General Concerns Unassigned
06.02 1990 Spring Health Fees General Concerns Unassigned
07.01 1990 Spring EERA Study Legislation Unassigned
07.02 1990 Spring Fund for Instructional Improvement Legislation Unassigned
07.03 1990 Spring Student Transfer Guarantee Legislation Unassigned