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# Year Session Title Topic Committee
01.05 2018 Fall Faculty Role in the California Online Community College Academic Senate President
03.01 2018 Fall Non-binary Gender Option on CCCApply Diversity and Equity Telecommunications and Technology Advisory
04.01 2018 Fall ASSIST Oversight and Implementation Articulation and Transfer President
05.01 2018 Fall Metrics and Coding Cleanup Budget and Finance Curriculum Committee
05.02 2018 Fall Identify and Report Costs of AB 705 (Irwin, 2017) Budget and Finance Relations with Local Senates Committee
05.03 2018 Fall Develop Resources with Guidance Relevant to the Student Centered Funding Formula Budget and Finance Educational Policies Committee
07.01 2018 Fall Redefine the Faculty Obligation Number to Include Noncredit Faculty Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Noncredit Committee
07.02 2018 Fall Concerns Regarding the California Online Community College Consultation with the Chancellor's Office President
07.03 2018 Fall Improving Participatory Governance with the Chancellor of the California Community Colleges Consultation with the Chancellor's Office President
08.01 2018 Fall Using Multiple Measures in addition to High School Grade Point Average for Student Assessment and Placement Practices Counseling Basic Skills Committee
09.01 2018 Fall Degree and Certificate Awards in Response to the New Funding Formula Curriculum Curriculum Committee
09.02 2018 Fall Equalize Noncredit Curriculum Processes to Align with Local Approval of Credit Curriculum Processes Curriculum Curriculum Committee
09.03 2018 Fall Local Adoption of the California Virtual Campus – Online Education Initiative Course Design Rubric Curriculum Online Education Committee
09.04 2018 Fall Flexibility in Local Curriculum Submission Deadlines as Related to the Implementation of AB 705 (Irwin, 2017) Curriculum Curriculum Committee
13.01 2018 Fall Provide Sufficient Resources and Adequate Support for AB 705 (Irwin, 2017) Implementation General Concerns President
15.01 2018 Fall Support for University of California Associate Degrees for Transfer in Physics and Chemistry Intersegmental Issues C-ID Leadership
15.02 2018 Fall Approval and Backdating of CSU Area C2 and IGETC Area 3B Submissions of Advanced ESL Coursework for Fall 2018 Intersegmental Issues Basic Skills Committee
17.01 2018 Fall Guided Pathways, Strategic Enrollment Management, and Program Planning Local Senates Educational Policies Committee
17.02 2018 Fall Establish Local Open Educational Resources Liaisons Local Senates Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI)
17.03 2018 Fall Maintaining Academic Rigor in Support of Student Success Local Senates President