Your College Has Completed Its Student Equity PlanNow What?

At the Academic Senate Fall 2004 Plenary Session, delegates adopted a resolution urging local senates to join collegially with representatives of their governing boards, administrators, classified staff, and students in addressing the goals of their Student Equity Plans. As of Fall 2005, Aiden Ely, the Dean of Student Services in the System Office, reported that all but 15 community colleges have filed their plans, ranging in length from four to 100 pages. While many plans were done by committees, individuals wrote others.

SB 55 (Lowenthal) Creating a Uniform Response to Academic Senate Motions of No Confidence

One of my greatest challenges as a legislative consultant in the State Capitol-oh so many years ago (I believe it was during the Mesozoic Era, but my memory eludes me)-was describing the working conditions for staff. Although the Legislature had to follow basic parameters, each assembly member and senator ran his or her own office as a small shop. There was no such employer as The Legislature, Inc., which would ensure that the employees were all being treated fairly and legally.

Transfer Degrees—Elephants in the Room, Lines in the Sand, Hills to Die on, and Dead Horses

The subject of “transfer degrees” has never died but has become a topic of greater interest as of late. To the outsider, the issues are simple and the faculty perspective may be one that is easily dismissed, viewed as “elitist”, and/or in need of a legislative fix. Your local and personal elephants, lines, hills, and horses are likely to be touched upon here—and as there are diverse views amongst us, you are left to identify them. There is, of course, a common starting point—but then the divisions begin.

The Accelerated Learning College, California Leadership Alliance for Student Success, and Embracing Faculty Leadership

By now most community college faculty leaders have gotten used to the chorus of voices that want to fix community colleges, generally based on the assumption that colleges should do more with the same resources, or more recently, that colleges should do more with fewer resources.


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