A Modest Proposal: Simplifying Articulation, Respecting Local Autonomy, and Responding to "Common Course Numbering” Mandates

developing and piloting elements of a "supranumbering" system for use across all higher education segments. Intersegmental discipline faculty have convened to develop descriptors for courses that commonly transfer. These descriptors will eventually be used to qualify courses for a C-ID number-a "supra-number" that would be used to identify comparable courses. The ultimate challenge for C-ID has been to clarify what implementation would look like.

Counting on Your Colleagues: Take a Short Quiz about Community College Faculty

1. Approximately how many total faculty serve the 2.6 million students in the California community colleges?
A. 1 million faculty
B. 500,000 faculty
C. 200,000 faculty
D. 60,000 faculty
E. 36,000 faculty

2. Approximately how many faculty are tenure track and how many are temporary faculty (temporary faculty include part-time faculty and temporary contract)?
A. 80% full time and 20% temporary
B. 60% full time and 40% temporary
C. 50% full time and 50% temporary
D. 40% full time and 60% temporary

Project Empowerment

We have now come to the point that our student population is drastically different than it was 30 years ago. Many students are under-prepared for college. While it may be convenient to blame elementary and secondary schools for not doing their job and passing along under-prepared students, the problem will not go away, and we must find reasonable solutions to it. Our students do not look the same, and they don't respond in the same way to teaching methods of 30 years ago. These students need different approaches to succeed in college. What can we do?

Julie's Inbox

Dear Julie,

The faculty in my discipline are really interested in changing the minimum qualifications for it. They feel that we are always granting equivalencies and that it's time to do something. What do I need to do?

Tired of Equivalencies

Dear T.E.,

Your question is very timely. The current cycle for Disciplines List modifications is open, but it closes September 30. You will have to act quickly in order to submit your proposal on time. If you miss this cycle, however, the next one begins in Spring 2010.

Discipline Faculty Discussing Curriculum.Priceless

While we can easily calculate the cost associated with bringing faculty together to discuss curriculum and articulation, the value of providing a venue for such activities is immeasurable. With the abandonment of IMPAC (Intersegmental Major Preparation Articulated Curriculum), such a venue for intersegmental discipline-based conversations was lost. IMPAC lost its funding in part due to the difficulty of demonstrating the value of discipline-based intersegmental curriculum discussion.


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