There are New Possibilities to Our Perennial Problems: Let's Get Radical!

As vocational faculty we continually adjust our curriculum to the latest standards in industry to ensure that our courses are up to date. In addition, we vocational faculty must strive to keep up with the latest developments on our own campus, meet with our advisory boards to respond to their concerns, try to follow current legislation, and find and keep funding mechanisms. Are there new possibilities to our perennial problems?

What the CCC Registry Can Do for You!

At the Spring 2004 Plenary Session, delegates passed Resolution 13.03, asking the Academic senate for the california Community Colleges to explore which parts of the California community college application process might be standardized to facilitate employment opportunities for college teaching. At the August 10, 2006, System Office Equity and Diversity Advisory Committee meeting, Paul Stark, an Equal Employment Opportunity specialist, raised the idea of a universal application for California community college faculty as a possible way to nurture diversity among instructors.

Review of Standards

The Standards of Practice for California Community College Counseling Programs was published in spring 1997 by a committee of outstanding counselor educators who were representative of the high level of accomplished professionals in their field of college counseling. while the majority of the committee members were counselors, other members included student services administrators, teaching faculty and students.

Future Directions for the Associate Degree

The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has been discussing the meaning and role of the associate degree for many years. The discussion resulted in the adoption in Fall 2005 of the Senate paper, What is the Meaning of a Community College Degree? The paper presented several recommendations to guide further discussions of the associate degree, and it is at this point that the Academic Senate seeks additional input from the field as to what directions to take.

Discipline List Revision

In March, you received a letter announcing that this fall begins the formal review of the Disciplines List. As you know, the Disciplines List establishes the minimum qualifications for the faculty of California Community Colleges. Every three years the Academic Senate reviews the list to permit faculty and professional organizations to propose changes. Below are important dates for you to remember.

October 15 or 16: Attend your area meeting to discuss proposed changes to the disciplines.

Life-Long Learning in the Senate

What an exciting year this has been and so many issues for a local senator to confront! Because of our changing environment, our senators are always learning about new laws, conflicts and other surprises. Each local senate is a model for the need and practice of life-long learning. The wonderful part is that the Academic Senate has the resources to assist you in this process, especially if you are a faculty member in an occupational or technical field.


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