Concurrent Enrollment: Opportunities and Considerations

At the Fall Plenary Session in Anaheim, several more resolutions about high school student success were added to an already growing number of prior positions taken on high school topics such as articulation, competencies, partnerships, retention, the exit exam, etc. Two resolutions in particular, 4.01 F07 and 4.02 F07, focus on students from the high schools that are concurrently enrolled at community colleges and thus become our students.

MQs, Equivalencies and Eminence, Oh My!

The title of this article pretty much describes the breakouts that I facilitated at the Fall Plenary Session. Among other things, the Standards and Practices Committee is charged with overseeing the Disciplines List and issues dealing with minimum qualifications (MQs), equivalences and eminence.

Well, I now know that I never have to worry about what to talk about at Session.

Celebrating and Coping with the Title 5 Changes of 2007

Hopefully "coping" is the wrong word-but that's sort of what this is all about. Over the past few years, the Academic Senate has passed resolutions asking for changes to be made to Title 5 and, consequently, changes have been in the works. For the insomniacs amongst us and those with a desire to know the gory details, please go to for the complete text of what was formally adopted in August 2007.

Accreditation and Faculty Evaluations?

Recently the Accreditation and Student Learning Outcomes Committee has received several questions from colleges that have been given accreditation recommendations based upon Standard 3A1.c which states

Faculty and others directly responsible for student progress toward achieving stated student learning outcomes have, as a component of their evaluation, effectiveness in producing those learning outcomes.

Defining Basic Skills: It's Harder Than You Think!

In Spring 2005, we asked those present at a plenary session breakout to give the definitions they have of various terms: basic skills, remedial, developmental, pre-collegiate, college level, and transfer. It was amazing the differences there were. We also presented the definitions used by UC and CSU. We then thought that we would take the responses back, look them over, and arrive at some consensus. How nave we were! That difficulty became the focus of our presentation at this fall plenary session.

What the Reindeer Said.

Tis the season to be jolly, to get along with family and friends, and to spend with abandon. Ho, ho, ho.

My holiday offering to you is a somewhat random collection of observations wrapped in a glittering cover of interpersonal communication and adorned with festive dollar signs. If you discern a more fundamental pattern be sure to let me know. Send an email to headreindeer at northpole.fable.


As a local leader and possibly a delegate to an Academic Senate Plenary session, you may find yourself in the role of writing a resolution for consideration by the body. You may also be considering the use of the resolution process with your local senate. Here are some guidelines to help you craft a quality resolution.

Assessing the Assessors

On January 5 and 6, 2007, the Academic Senate will host its first-ever FACULTY-sponsored and FACULTY-driven accreditation workshop-in short, accreditation for/by/of faculty.not just a workshop sponsored by the Accrediting Commission itself. At this Institute, we will explore a range of topics that include the proper role of peer review, how the Accrediting Commission measures up, the role of participatory governance as related to assessment and the successful self study, and methods for navigating the minutia of outcomes at all institutional levels.

Status and Accountability

This year you have attended your first plenary session and participated in the discussion and debate of resolutions on Saturday. There are several resolutions that you are interested in and you begin to wonder what happens next. This article will briefly describe what happens to resolutions after they are adopted and how you can track their status.


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