Problems at Santa Rosa J.C.

Editor's Note: The troubling events that occurred recently at Santa Rosa Junior College are complex and the faculty are still trying to understand them. Here is one faculty member's account of these events.

Faculty rights of tenure, freedom of speech, and privacy are threatened statewide by actions taken by the Santa Rosa Junior College District in response to anonymous letters critical of its President and Board of Trustees.

Program Discontinuance: A Faculty Issue

At a recent meeting of representatives from college administration, trustees, and faculty, the issue of program discontinuance came up. One of the participants suggested that program discontinuance is not an academic or professional matter. My astonished response was, "Isn't program discontinuance a matter of student success? Aren't standards or policies regarding student preparation and success one of the eleven areas of responsibility for academic senates?" Some member's eyes glazed over and I thought I was heading for a spirited discussion. But the discussion didn't materialize. Why?

Performance Based Funding: Not A Partnership

The Governor, picking up on a budget request by the Chancellor and the Board of Governors (BOG) for the California Community Colleges, has proposed funding part of the system's budget on an incentive, or performance basis. Taking their proposal one step further, the Governor established the outcomes: degrees, certificates, course completion, transfer and transfer ready students, persistence and retention rates, specialized training, earnings after education, movement from remedial to college level work.


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