President's Message: "Just-in-Time" Education

There is a new phrase finding its way into the argot of postsecondary education: "Just-In-Time" education. Recent conferences and publications are replete with the term. Stanford Professor Martin Conroy mentioned this concept in his address to our Spring 1998 Plenary Session. This philosophy is succinctly described by Professor James Duderstadt of University of Michigan in the Winter 1998 edition of CAUSE/EFFECT.

Fall Session Has It All: From Partnership to Drama

The statewide Academic Senate Fall 1998 Session took place on October 29-31 at the Los Angeles Airport Westin Hotel. The theme of the Session was "Educational Quality and Student Success: Who are the Guardians?" The General Session speakers and the breakout sessions all addressed this theme. One of the keynote speakers was Jack Scott, member of the California State Assembly (and former President of Pasadena City College).


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