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Latest Rostrum Articles

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Educational Policies Committee Ian Walton, Chair October 2003
President's Message Kate Clark, President October 2003
Access? To What? Kate Clark, President October 2003
Revisiting Associates Degree Standards Mark Snowhite, Chair October 2003
Accreditation Standards: State and Local Concerns Greg Gilbert, Chair October 2003
Whats Been Happening in the Legislature? Dan Crump October 2003
The Academic Senate and the Nursing Advisory Shaaron Vogel, Chair October 2003
Equity and Diversity. Implementation and the Role of Local Senates Wanda Morris, Chair October 2003
The High Tech Center Training Unit Mark Lieu, Former Chair October 2003
So, Youre Thinking about a Vote of No Confidence: 10+ Questions to Ask Jane Patton, Area B Representative October 2003
CVC, Whats Going On? Bob Grill, Chair October 2003
Political Mobilization Ian Walton, Chair April 2003
Another Way to Look at Learning Outcomes Snowhite, Mark April 2003
Ideals and Politics Simpson, Hoke, President April 2003
Power and Paranoia: Effective Senates are Victors, not Victims Hoke Simpson, President April 2003
Are Vegetables Normal?? Walton, Ian April 2003
Counseling and Library Faculty Issues Committee Crump, Dan, Chair April 2003
Leadership Today and Tomorrow Clark, Kate and Pilati, Michelle April 2003
Achieving Accessibility: Demystifying Section 508 Compliance Mark Lieu, Chair April 2003
Vocational FacultyWhats Happening? Shaaron Vogel, Chair October 2002
Local Senates Ian Walton, Chair October 2002
The Accountability Game - Stanford 9 in K-12, HMO's in Health Care, .MSLOs in CC's Leon F. Marzillier, Area C Representative October 2002
Vigilance and Self-Defense: The Local Senates Response to Crisis Kate Clark, Vice President October 2002
Valuing Diversity Hoke Simpson, President October 2002
Information Competency: Moving Ahead Despite... Kate Clark and Dan Crump October 2002