Flight Travel Request
Fill out this online form to make your travel arrangements.

Expense Reimbursement Form and Policy (PDF) 
Faculty serving the senate can fill out this form when need to be reimbursed for expenses associated with Senate activities. (Use Internet Explorer to use form with formulas.) The policy lists specific instances and amounts when faculty serving the senate can get financial reimbursement. Use it as your guideline when filling out the expense reimbursement form. Note: Only the most economical means of transportation will be reimbursed.

Lost or Missing Receipt Form (Word | PDF)

Delegate Change Form (Word)
Fill this form out if you are the assigned delegate for your local senate, but are unable to attend Plenary Session and wish to assign voting rights to another representative from your college. 

Application for Statewide Service (Online)

If you are willing to serve on a statewide committee or would like to nominate others to serve, please complete this form.