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ASCCC 2021-2022 Executive Committee 



Each year, the Executive Committee nominations process provides the ASCCC membership a direct voice in the organization’s governance.  The Executive Committee’s composition and annual elections are part of the ASCCC’s by-laws

All candidates for election to the Executive Committee shall meet at least one of these criteria: 

1)    is a Delegate or a local senate president;

2)    has within the last three years immediately preceding the election been a local senate president or an ASCCC Executive Committee member or officer; or

3)    has been nominated by a resolution of a Member Senate. The minutes of the meeting at which that resolution was adopted must be submitted to the Elections Committee chair with the nomination of the individual.

Notice of Change to Process

For the spring 2021 term, the ASCCC will be conducting elections by online written ballot, using the software company E-ballot. To note, ASCCC Bylaws Article IV, Section 2 require that elections be held during a plenary session. However, in our current state of emergency, the ASCCC does not have the ability to hold a traditional in-person plenary session and postponing the elections would severely disrupt the continued governance of the ASCCC. In lieu of holding an in-person election, the ASCCC is invoking California Corporations Code (Section 7140(m)) that permit the leadership body of an organization to take certain actions to protect the interests and functions of the corporation in the event of a genuine emergency.


The ASCCC is seeking nominations for the 2021-22 Board of Directors, hereby known as the Executive Committee, commencing on March 22, 2021. Nominations for this election will only be accepted by completing the Executive Committee Candidate Form. Before submitting the Executive Committee Candidate Form, we highly recommend that you view the pre-recorded webinar, hosted by the Elections Committee chair and Past Executive Committee members, as they educate potential candidates on “The challenges and opportunities of being on the ASCCC Executive Team”. Additional documentation, such as the candidate biographical statement, minutes from the Member Senate meeting, resolution, and video candidate speech are required. The candidacy of each applicant is contingent upon the receipt of all materials, including the candidate statement and candidate video, and if applicable, a local senate resolution. As a reminder of the change in the ASCCC Rules, each applicant may be nominated for at most two positions for which they are eligible. 

  • Candidate Statement - You will need to submit a candidate statement.  Please follow the format below and provide the responses to the following questions. Please ensure that this statement is structured in the required format and the statement must be limited to one page, saved as a PDF.
    • Times New Roman font, with your name, college, candidate position(s), subject area on the upper left-hand corner and the following information:
      • A brief summary of your faculty activities and special qualifications.
      • A brief summary of statewide issues you are most interested in or most concerned about. 
  • Video Speech: You will need to submit a video speech in lieu of the Candidate Speeches delivered during the Friday morning general session at Plenary. The length of the video should be no more than 5 minutes (10 minutes max for candidates seeking the President position). 
      • In the video recording, please introduce yourself and let the audience know the position(s) you are seeking. You can address any topic related to your candidacy during the video. The video may be recorded using Zoom, or other similar platforms. If you require assistance on using the Zoom platform to record, please contact the ASCCC Office and we can help set this up. Links to the video must be submitted to Krystinne Mica ( and Wendy Brill-Wynkoop ( Videos will be posted along with your candidate information. 
  • Candidate Information Session - Candidate Information Sessions will be held on Mar 29, 2021 12:00 PM., and Mar 31, 2021 06:00 PM. This information session will provide details regarding the ASCCC elections process, including information for the online elections taking place for spring 2021. If you are running for a position on the Executive Committee, you should plan to attend this session or contact Executive Director Krystinne Mica ( to make alternate accommodations.                  
    • Topic: ASCCC Elections: Candidate Information Session

             Pre-Recorded Webinar:   

  • Candidate Information Session Handout


In order to conduct the online election, we will need each member Senate to verify that we have the college’s correct delegate for voting. The Senate President listed in the Senate Directory for each campus, will need to complete the File Delegate Change Form. The college will not be able to vote in the online election unless this form is submitted. Forms must be emailed to the ASCCC Office - by April 9, 2021. 

Things to Know Before Running for a Position on the Executive Committee

At all times, Executive Committee members represent the positions of the Academic Senate in their service. "Positions" in the broadest sense include adopted resolutions, history, by-laws, rules, and current activities. Executive Committee members have an obligation to carry out the instructions of the delegates which are presented in the form of approved resolutions. Particularly when acting in an official capacity, Executive Committee members must represent adopted positions of the Academic Senate to the best of their ability. When not in an official Academic Senate capacity, members may express their opinions as long as they distinctly separate their views from those of the Academic Senate. Even so, later misrepresentations of Academic Senate positions do occur. Positions adopted by the Executive Committee or its standing or ad hoc committees are not as yet official positions of the plenary body and so are open to discussion. Executive Committee members are obligated to present the positions of Academic Senate committees as well as their own when discussing the issue with the public or other groups. Executive Committee members are expected to represent these Academic Senate positions in various arenas as assigned, including the Legislature, Chancellor's Office, and other State agencies.

To learn more about the roles and responsibilities of an Executive Committee member, please join the following webinar below:

  • Topic: ASCCC Elections: The challenges and opportunities of being on the ASCCC Executive Team

         Pre-Recorded Webinar:

Executive Committee - Roles and Responsibilities

The ASCCC Executive Committee is responsible for ensuring the organization is acting in the best interest of the ASCCC members. To this end, the Executive Committee provides strategic guidance for the successful achievement of the ASCCC's Mission. The Executive Committee oversees the strategic plan of the ASCCC and its organizational performance, reviews high-level organizational goals and policies, makes high-level decisions, reviews Executive Director performance, and serves as a community advocate for the ASCCC. The Executive Committee is supported by the Executive Director and a full-time professional staff, who are responsible for day-to-day operations and recommending goals and policies. Executive Committee members must commit to attending all in-person meetings per academic year. 

Additional information regarding the role of the Executive Committee and expectations of service, can be found on the attached Revised Responsibilities document

Electronic Voting Information

The ASCCC will be utilizing the software company E-Ballot to conduct the online elections. The tentative timeline is listed below. A webinar will be held on April 13, 2021 on how to utilize the online e-ballot platform, as well as general information on elections.

  • Topic: ASCCC Elections: Electronic Voting |Time: Apr 13, 2021 05:00 PM Pacific Time  

         Join Zoom Meeting:

         Meeting ID: 970 1534 3942 Passcode: 702063

The webinar recording can be accessed here and the Powerpoint can be accessed here.  Information regarding voting and ballots will be sent to senate presidents and delegates beggining April 19, 2021. 

*As a result of the first round of voting, we will proceed with the elections by combining the remaining candidates and open positions on the round two ballot beginning April 22, 2021*. An official announcement is forthcoming. Additional information about elections will continue to be posted on this website.

***Special Elections***

Call for Executive Committee Nominations for the special elections will open on April 24, 2021. The open positions are one-year At-Large Representative and one-year North Representative. Nominations will only be accepted by completing the Executive Committee Candidate Form. This form and additional documentation, such as the candidate biographical statement, minutes from the Member Senate meeting, resolution, and video candidate speech must be submitted to Krystinne Mica ( and Wendy Brill-Wynkoop ( by April 28, 2021. Candidate statements and links to the videos will be posted. Before submitting the Executive Committee Candidate Form, we highly recommend that you view the pre-recorded webinar “The challenges and opportunities of being on the ASCCC Executive Team”. We also recommend that you review the approved calendar for the 2021-2022 Executive Committee Meetings and Institutes. Special elections will open by e-Ballot on Friday, April 30, 2021 at 12:00 a.m. PST. and will close on Saturday, May 1, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. PST. All final winning candidates will be listed on ASCCC Elections page on Monday, May 3, 2021.


ASCCC 2021 Elections Timetable



March 22, 2021

Call for Executive Committee Nominations

April 5, 2021

Closing date for Executive Committee Nominations

April 13, 2021

All candidates listed on ASCCC Elections Page

April 19, 2021

Elections open by E-Ballot – up to 3 rounds of voting may occur and will be determined once all candidate nomination forms are received.

Officers/At-Large - April 19 – April 20*

North and South Representatives and Area Representatives – April 22 – 23*

*(Elections Committee will provide Certified Results at the end of each round of voting on the following business day.)

April 23, 2021

Elections close

April 26, 2021

Complete candidate winners listed on ASCCC Page

April 30, 2021

Special elections open by E-Ballot