Transfer, Articulation, and Student Services Committee

Status/former name
Transfer and Articulation Committee

The Transfer, Articulation, and Student Services Committee is responsible for development and review of policies, procedures, administrative requirements, and general information regarding Transfer, Articulation, Counseling, Library, and services that support instruction and student success.  The committee makes recommendations to the Academic Senate Executive Committee.

Current Members
Member Term
Stephanie Curry 2022-23 Chair
Eric Wada 2022-23
Van Rider 2022-23
Michelle Plug 2022-23
Tahirah Simpson 2022-23
Stephanie Rowe 2022-23
Elizabeth Ramirez 2022-23
Academic Year Meetings



Current Agendas/minutes


Title Session Year Sort ascending Category
Re-evaluating the California Promise Grant Regulations regarding Probation, Dismissal, and Denial Fall 2022 Consultation with the Chancellor's Office
Options for Transfer Students Enrolled Prior to the Implementation of CalGETC Fall 2022 Intersegmental Issues
Supporting Health Equity in the Implementation of AB 928 (Berman, 2021) [1] Fall 2022 Intersegmental Issues
Proactive Planning and Support for Articulation and Counseling Fall 2022 Articulation and Transfer
Title 5 Regulations Governing Catalog Rights Fall 2022 Consultation with the Chancellor's Office
Develop a Set of Resources to Assist in Establishing Ethnic Studies Programs in Alignment with California State University Requirements Spring 2021 Curriculum
Enabling Chosen Name and Pronoun across Campus and all Digital Environments Spring 2021 Students
Support for Mental Health Awareness and Trauma Informed Teaching and Learning Fall 2021 Diversity and Equity
Resolution In Support of Reviewing the impact of the 2012 California Non-Repeatability Language Fall 2020 Curriculum
CCCApply Technical Limitations Spring 2019 Technology
Local Determination of International Baccalaureate Credit at California Community Colleges Fall 2019 Curriculum
Develop Standards of Practice Resource for Learning Assistance and Tutoring in the California Community Colleges, including the role of Learning Skills Coordinators or Instructors, and Tutoring Coordinators Fall 2019 Library and Learning Resources
Develop a Paper on Effective Transfer Practices Spring 2018 Articulation and Transfer
Oppose AB 1786 (Cervantes, as of April 10, 2018) Spring 2018 State and Legislative Issues
Wrap-Around Services and Online Student Success Spring 2018 Consultation with the Chancellor's Office
Providing Educational Access and Adequate Support for California Community College Students with Disabilities Spring 2018 General Concerns
California State University Systemwide Credit Policy Spring 2018 Intersegmental Issues
Support for Educational Planning Initiative’s Suite of Tools Fall 2017 Technology
Updating of ASCCC Papers on Library Faculty and Libraries in the California Community Colleges Fall 2017 Library and Learning Resources
Support Students Transferring to UC, CSU, and Private and Out-of-State Institutions Fall 2017 Articulation and Transfer
Creating Guidelines for Veteran Resource Centers Fall 2017 Consultation with the Chancellor's Office
Academic Senate Guidelines on Course Substitutions for Associate Degrees for Transfer Spring 2016 Curriculum
Develop Retesting Guidelines for the Common Assessment Spring 2016 Matriculation
Local Determination of Advanced Placement Credit at California Community Colleges Spring 2016 Matriculation
Developing a System Plan for Serving Disenfranchised Students Fall 2014 Students


Title Issue Year Sort ascending
Addressing the Stigmatization of Academic Probation February 2023
The Articulation Officer’s Key Role in Curriculum, General Education, and Transfer November 2022
Taking Stock of CCCApply February 2021
The Passage of AB 1460 and Its Impact on the CCCs April 2021
The Mystery Behind “B +,” or Why SLO Assessment Matters April 2020
Faculty Primacy and AP Credit February 2018
Can The Demise of the COMPASS Placement Exam Lead to Improved Student Success at California Community Colleges? A Look at Some Relevant Research and Recent Developments February 2016
Disenfranchised Students—Who Are They? February 2016
Disenfranchised Students – Where are We Now? September 2016
Policy Issues Regarding Alternative Developmental-to-Transfer-level Mathematics Pathways December 2012
Starting Students off on the Right Foot and Keeping Them on the Right Track! May 2011
Improving Student Access to Financial Aid May 2011
Helping Veteran Students be Successful and Reach their Academic Goals! September 2011
Faculty Participation on the Student Success Task Force 2011 November 2011
When Are Counseling Paraprofessionals Appropriate? A Friendly Reminder April 2010
Future Directions for the Associate Degree September 2006
Linking Counseling and Career/Technical Programs November 2005
Now Is the Time for Systemwide Advanced Placement (AP) Policies and Procedures February 2008
Predicting, Planning, and Compensating: Weathering the Changing Climate in California's May 2008
Fall Session Has It All: From Partnership to Drama February 1999


Past members

Past Members
Term: 2021-22
Member Term Sort ascending
Ted Blake 2021-22
Brenda Chan 2021-22
Eduardo Vasquez 2021-22
Julie Clark 2021-22
Cheryl Aschenbach 2021-22 Chair
LaTonya Parker 2021-22
Teresa Aldredge 2021-22
Term: 2020-21
Member Term Sort ascending
Manuel Vélez 2020-21 Chair
LaTonya Parker 2020-21
Ted Blake 2020-21
Julie Clark 2020-21
Nohemy Chavez 2020-21
Tahirah Simpson 2020-21
Martin Gomez 2020-21

Past Agenda/minutes

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