Local Senate Visits

As part of its commitment to supporting local senates, the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges provides the opportunities for local senates to have visits from members of the Executive Committee and the Relations with Local Senates Committee. The purpose of such a visit is for the committee member to serve as a liaison between the Senate and the local senate. Our role is to listen to your discussions, share Senate resources to support you and gather questions and concerns to forward to the Academic Senate President for consideration and response. The visit can be with the local senate president, the local executive committee, the entire senate-whatever you would like. We are here to serve you!

ASCCC Procedure on Requests for Information

The ASCCC represents all California community college faculty in academic and professional matters, and all faculty are welcome to submit inquiries.  The ASCCC also recognizes academic senate presidents as the officially recognized representatives of their senates to the ASCCC.  Therefore, senate presidents will be included in all responses to inquires submitted to the ASCCC. 

ASCCC Procedure on Requests for College Visits

As part of its ongoing mission to strengthen and support the local senates of all the California community colleges, the ASCCC provides opportunities for college visits to provide professional development and technical assistance.   All requests for college visits by the ASCCC must be approved by the college senate president.  Any request for a college visit submitted by an individual who is not the college senate president require confirmation with the college senate president by the ASCCC before action is taken to fulfill the visit request.


This service is included in the membership dues for colleges, therefore there is no additional cost. 

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