2023 Hayward Award

Event Dates
Deadline to Register/Application Deadline

The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges (ASCCC) is pleased to announce the call for nominations for the Hayward Award for “Excellence in Education.” Sponsored annually by the Foundation for California Community Colleges, this award honors community college full-time and part-time faculty who demonstrate the highest level of commitment to their students, college, and profession. Award recipients, nominated by their college academic senate and selected by representatives of the ASCCC must have a record of outstanding performance of professional activities, as well as a record of active participation on campus.

Basic Information

  • Each local academic senate may nominate one full- and part- time faculty member;
  • however there can only be one honoree from each college.
  • All faculty, classroom and non-classroom, are eligible for consideration.
  • Previous nominees who did not receive the award may be re-nominated.
  • Up to four recipients (two full-time and two part-time faculty) may be chosen and
  • honored at the Board of Governors meeting in March.
  • Completed online applications must be received by the ASCCC office by 11:59 p.m. on December 18, 2022.

The selection process will be completed by February 2023. Winners will be honored at the March 2023 Board of Governors meeting. Please note, that the recipients of this award will be asked to submit a current photo. Although only four faculty recipients may be honored by the Board of Governors, we hope each college will honor its individual nominee.

Nomination Guidelines

Each college academic senate may forward to the ASCCC the name of up to two nominees (one full- and one part-time) for the Hayward Award for "Excellence in Education." The criteria to be used in making the final selection include the following:

  1. The candidate(s) should be committed to serving and empowering students from diverse backgrounds and experiences. The candidate’s application and supporting letter from the local senate should reflect this commitment.
  2. The candidate(s) should be committed to serving the institution through participation in professional and/or student activities. There should be evidence of participation with the academic senate, department, or student groups.
  3. The candidate(s) should be committed to the fundamental principles of the California Community College mission. There should be evidence of support for open access and for helping students succeed. The candidate's application should reflect a commitment to the college at which the candidate works, perhaps through suggestions of ways the candidate has helped to improve the educational environment.
  4. The candidate(s) should be committed to education. There should be evidence that the candidate maintains currency in the discipline and communicates to students and colleagues an enthusiasm for the discipline and for education in general.
  5. The candidate(s) should be committed to serving as a representative of the profession beyond the local institution through service in statewide and/or national activities. There should be evidence of activities that reveal a broader scope of interest, perhaps through publications, participation in community groups, or participation in state or national organizations.

Application Procedure and Checklist:

  1. An online application form completed by the nominating college.
    The candidate should explain their qualifications for consideration as a recipient of the Hayward Award for "Excellence in Education." Applications will be redacted for any reference to the nominee and the nominee’s college and community prior to the selection committee's review.
  2. Local academic senate letter of candidate support, two-page maximum, submitted along with the online application. Please explain the candidate's qualifications for consideration as a recipient of the Hayward Award for "Excellence in Education." Applications will be screened for direct or indirect reference to the nominee and the nominee’s college and community.
  3. Candidate's curriculum vitae, submitted with the online application form. CVs will be redacted for any reference to the nominee and the nominee’s college and community prior to the selection committee's review. Please include the following in the vitae: Professional Experience including positions held, professional affiliations, campus activities, and educational background, as well as any awards and honors, publications and presentations, and community activities.

2022 Hayward Award Winners

Marilyn BrockDr. Marilyn Brock, Coastline College

Dr. Brock is Coastline College’s English and Humanities Department Co-Chair, and is also the Faculty Accreditation Coordinator from 2020 to 2023. In addition to these roles, she has also served on the Hispanic/LatinX Affinity Group, Umoja Community Advisory Board, and Coast Community College District’s Leadership Pipeline Program. Dr. Brock  also served as the Co-Chair of the Coastline Pathways Professional Development Workgroup. She is the current Editor of the Nzuri Literary and Arts Journal at Coastline College.

Dr. Brock’s commitment to service goes beyond Coastline College and her district. She has been an Academic Senator since 2017, and she has served on both the Curriculum Committee and the Professional Development and Leadership Committee.


Winsome JacksonDr. Winsome Jackson, Sierra College

Dr. Jackson has been involved in countless student scholar focused co-curricular events, from her leadership on the African American History and Culture planning workgroup to her involvement with the Project Unity Club and Umoja.

Dr. Jackson is currently serving as the vice president of the Academic Senate and the co-chair of the Presidential Equity Advisory committee, and she has previously participated in the Equity Educator Mentorship Program. She has also served as the chair of the Sierra College New Legacy Committee for many years, a standing committee of the Sierra College Academic Senate focused on the success and well-being of historically underrepresented students. Dr. Jackson has also been a member of the EEO advisory committee, and is also one of the initiators of the BIPOC group wherein she plays an immeasurably important role in facilitating community and providing support for our colleagues of color.


Anne KingsleyDr. Anne Kingsley, Diablo Valley College

Dr. Kingsley first began her career in education at the Friends of Island Academy, where she worked with formerly incarcerated students and supported them to achieve Pre-GEDs and GEDs in the state of New York.  At DVC she has been actively involved in the Umoja learning community as a teacher and mentor, and serving on the Umoja Steering Committee. She has also taught for the PACE learning community, which targets returning/working students.

As distance education coordinator she led the team who developed the Becoming an Effective Online Instructor (BEOI) course and the Peer Online Mentorship Program (POMP). Dr. Kingsley also created and manages the college’s Digital Learning Lab and led the Distance Education Committee to create an online equity rubric.


Past Winners