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# Year Session Title Topic Committee
01.01 2019 Fall Align Terms of Office in Bylaws to Practice Academic Senate Executive Director
01.02 2019 Fall Adopt Instant Runoff Voting Academic Senate Executive Director
01.03 2019 Fall Rotate Plenary Between Areas Academic Senate Executive Director
01.04 2019 Fall Limit Nominations from the Floor Academic Senate Executive Director
01.05 2019 Fall Reverse the Order of the Area, North/South, and At-Large Representative Elections Academic Senate Executive Director
01.06 2019 Fall Term Limits of Three One-year Terms for Officers and Two Two-year Terms for Representatives Academic Senate Executive Director
01.07 2019 Fall Clarify Nomination Process and Eliminate “Trickling” Academic Senate Executive Director
01.08 2019 Fall Academic Senate Resources for Serving Students with Disabilities Academic Senate Executive Director
01.09 2019 Fall Academic Senate Caucus Restructuring Academic Senate Executive Director
03.01 2019 Fall Assessing Student Equity and Achievement Program Contribution to Guided Pathways Implementation Diversity and Equity Guided Pathways Task Force
03.02 2019 Fall Support Infusing Anti-Racism/No Hate Education in Community Colleges Diversity and Equity ASCCC
03.03 2019 Fall Replacing the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges Inclusivity Statement Diversity and Equity Executive Director
03.04 2019 Fall Adopt the Paper Equity-Driven Systems: Student Equity and Achievement in the California Community Colleges Diversity and Equity Executive Director
03.05 2019 Fall Acknowledge Extended Opportunity Programs and Services’ 50 Years of Student Success Diversity and Equity Executive Committee
03.06 2019 Fall Include Currently and Formerly Incarcerated Youth in Equity Plans Diversity and Equity President
03.07 2019 Fall Enable the Canvas Name Preference Option Diversity and Equity Relations with Local Senates Committee
05.01 2019 Fall Adopt the Paper Budget Processes and the Faculty Role Budget and Finance Executive Director
05.02 2019 Fall Extend the Hold-Harmless Provision of the Funding Formula Budget and Finance President
05.03 2019 Fall Assess How Alignment of Timeframes for AB 705 (Irwin, 2017) and the Student Centered Funding Formula for ESL Students Inequitably Impact Funding for Colleges Serving High Percentages of ESL Students Budget and Finance Executive Committee
05.03.01 2019 Fall Amend Resolution 5.03 F19 Budget and Finance Executive Committee