Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI)


The mission of the ASCCC Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI) is to reduce the cost of educational resources for students by expanding the availability and adoption of high-quality Open Educational Resources (OER). OERI facilitates and coordinates the curation and development of OER texts, ancillaries, and support systems.

Through recommendations to the ASCCC Executive Committee, OERI supports local OER implementation efforts through the provision of professional development, technical support, and technical resources.

Please be sure to visit the ASCCC OERI website to access general OER information, archived webinars, and useful resources for OER development. If you haven't already please sign up for the ASCCC OER listserv to receive updates regarding resources, webinars, newsletters, and more. If you want to be informed of the latest OER and ZTC events in the most timely manner and have access to the OERI's Canvas calendar, please enroll at the ASCCC OERI Canvas page.

Review the ASCCC OERI Department of Finance Progress Report - February 1, 2022 Summary and the Full Report PDF or Online.

Visit the OERI website for upcoming and archived webinars!


Visit the linked ASCCC OERI Resources page to access all of the latest available resources. 

Current Agendas/minutes

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Title Session Year Sort ascending Category
Faculty Responsibility for Confirming Course Resource Accuracy Spring 2022 General Concerns
The Open Educational Resources Initiative and Technical Assistance for the Zero-Textbook-Cost Degree Program Spring 2022 General Concerns
Student-Facing Zero-Textbook-Cost Information Spring 2022 General Concerns
Establishing an Effective and Sustainable Zero Textbook Cost Program Fall 2022 Consultation with the Chancellor's Office
Clarify Components of XB12, the Instructional-Material-Cost Section-Level Data Element Fall 2022 Consultation with the Chancellor's Office
Removing Barriers to the Adoption of Open Educational Resources Fall 2022 Curriculum
Using Zero Textbook Cost Funds to Support an Open Educational Resource/Zero Textbook Costs Faculty Coordinator Fall 2022 Local Senates
Adopt Student Senate for California Community Colleges Low-Cost Recommendation Fall 2022 Local Senates
Oppose Reliance on Textbook Publishers to Achieve Zero Textbook Cost Spring 2022 Diversity and Equity
Ensure the Sustainability of the Zero-Textbook-Cost Degree Program Spring 2022 Consultation with the Chancellor's Office
Ensure the Transparency of Resources Used to Establish Zero-Textbook-Cost (ZTC) Certificates and Degrees Spring 2022 General Concerns
Developing an Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Curriculum Audit Process Spring 2021 Curriculum
Advocate for Development of a ZTC Data Element Spring 2021 Technology
Advocate for On-Going Funding for the ASCCC Open Educational Resources Initiative Spring 2021 Technology
Develop Statewide Recommendation for Definition of Low-Cost Course Materials Fall 2021 Diversity and Equity
Zero Means Zero Textbook Cost Fall 2021 Diversity and Equity
System-Level Zero-Textbook-Cost Resources Fall 2021 Consultation with the Chancellor's Office
Local Senate Policies Regarding Textbook Adoption Fall 2021 Local Senates
Recommendations for the Implementation of a Zero Textbook Cost* (ZTC) Designation in Course Schedules Fall 2020 Curriculum
Ensure Course Cost Transparency for Students Fall 2020 Students
Develop Recommendations for the Implementation of a No-Cost Designation in Course Schedules Spring 2019 General Concerns
Support for Faculty Open Educational Resources Coordinators Spring 2019 General Concerns
Provide Guidance with Respect to Ensuring Student Access to No-Cost Resources Fall 2019 Curriculum
Consider Implications of Publisher-Developed Lower Cost “Inclusive Access” Strategies Fall 2019 Curriculum
Documenting Open Educational Resources Options in Course Outline of Record Spring 2019 Curriculum



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