ASCCC Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Anti-Racism, and Accessibility (IDEAA) Tools

Model Hiring Principles and Processes: Principles and practices compiled by faculty, administrators, and chief human resource officers. Resources are separated into pre-hiring, hiring, and post-hiring modules.

DEI Model Curriculum Principles and Practices: Developed by the California Community Colleges Curriculum Committee (5C), the document includes promising practices that can be used by faculty, deans, curriculum chairs and committees, Chief Instructional Officers (CIO)/Vice Presidents of Instruction, and local academic senates to begin conversations on how to redesign practices from working within a traditional Eurocentric model to working within an equity-minded framework.

DEI in Praxis: Models for Culturally Responsive Curriculum: The DEI in Curriculum Praxis builds upon the DEI in Curriculum: Model Principles and Practices toolkit. Principles and practices compiled by faculty, administrators, and chief human resource officers. Resources are separated into "Level One: Gearing up," "Level Two: Action Ready," and "Level Three: Growing and Scaling.

ASCCC Cultural Humility Tool: Developed by ASCCC Equity and Diversity Action Committee for local academic senates and colleges to use in beginning action on developing a cultural humility plan. The tool includes links to resources to use in the development of a local plan and also for self-reflection as individuals.

ASCCC OERI (Open Educational Resources Initiative) IDEA Framework: Developed by the ASCCC Open Education Resources Initiative to assist faculty in assessing instructional materials for equity, inclusiveness, diversity, and anti-racism.

DACA & Undocumented Students Resources: ASCCC landing page for resources; includes a link to Chancellor’s Office Undocumented Students webpage.

Part-Time Faculty Nexus: Resources for & by part-time faculty, compiled by ASCCC Part-Time Faculty Committee.

ASCCC Liaisons: Information about recommended liaisons to be identified by local senates to assist in the dissemination of ASCCC information on selected topics including inclusion, diversity, equity, and anti-Racism (IDEA) liaisons; open education resources (OER) liaisons; career technical education (CTE) liaisons; noncredit liaisons; guided pathway liaisons, and legislative liaisons. Includes a link to sign up for liaison listservs.

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