To be Addressed

Improve Math and English Outcomes by Expanding Access and Addressing COVID-19 Related Learning Disruption

Whereas, After the second full year of AB 705 implementation for math and English, local outcomes reveal that while more first-time students are attempting and completing transfer-level math and English courses, growing and alarming equity gaps persist, particularly for students of color [1];

Whereas, Many colleges no longer offer English courses below transfer level or math courses more than one level below transfer which limits the options of students seeking additional preparation in transfer-level math and English courses; and

Data Paper and Equity-Minded Practices

Whereas, Data can help to expose and address systemic barriers that impede the practice of equity on college campuses;

Whereas, Data is critical for faculty to understand and utilize so that they may best assist students in achieving their educational goals;

Whereas, In February 2010, the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges Executive Committee published Data 101 Guiding Principles for Faculty, which delineated ten foundational principles for the use of data; and

Update the Paper Textbook Issues: Economic Pressures and Academic Values

Whereas, Resolution 11.01 F12 Pursue Statewide Open Educational Resources for Student Success[1] supported Academic Senate for California Community Colleges participation in “the convening of appropriate stakeholders, including faculty from our intersegmental partners for implementation of SB 1052 and 1053 (Steinberg, 2012), to develop appropriate rules and guidelines for accessing Open Educational Resources materials for faculty in a broad range of formats that encourage their wide-spread availability for adoption and use”;

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