Challenge of Cultural Diversity in the California Community Colleges

American education has failed in recent years to meet the needs of a growing number of students, but not because of lack of effort, money, or concern. Rather, the fault lies in the educational process itself, for the overwhelming majority of educators are white middle class individuals whose perceptions are so different from those of the minority students they speech by Karen S.

Humanities Instruction in the California Community College: Renewing Our Commitment

Since most students take humanities courses during the first two years of college, the community colleges have a particular responsibility in examining and strengthening the role of the humanities in the curriculum. Guidance is needed for our large number of undecided students "shopping" for courses to take, and a coherent humanities component is needed for our many liberal arts majors.

High Schools: Improving Articulation between High Schools and Community Colleges: Activities and Incentives

This paper addresses articulation with high schools. It considers the philosophical basis for such articulation, discusses current programs, recommends activities which academic senates can undertake in concert with college administration, considers incentives which institutions can offer their faculty to encourage participation, and discusses activities in which individual faculty may engage. Finally, this paper briefly cites some exemplary programs.


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