Academic Senate Annual Report


As local senate leaders, it is not always easy to communicate to faculty what you actually do. The Statewide Academic Senate shares this difficulty, and in order to address this issue, Executive Director Julie Adams worked with the Executive Committee to produce the first annual report from the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, What Has the Academic Senate Done for You Lately? This report summarizes the activities and accomplishments of the Academic Senate on your behalf, and it makes clear that the Academic Senate and its staff have been very active in representing faculty on the state level and supporting the work of local senates. Each local senate president will be receiving multiple copies of this report, and we encourage you to share it not only with faculty but in particular with local student government, administrators and local boards. We hope that you find the report useful as an educational resource and will review the report and send us feedback so that we can make improvements for the next edition.

The report could be found on our website at…