Disciplines List Revisions

Area D Representative

This year the Academic Senate will recommend revisions and additions to the Disciplines List for Minimum Qualifications for hiring public California community college instructors. The opportunity to make changes and additions occurs once every three years, in accordance with AB 1725, which delegated to the Academic Senate primary responsibility for making recommendations to the Board of Governors for professional preparation for instructors in each discipline included in the curriculum.

This year will be the first year in which resolutions calling for revisions in items on the Disciplines List or additions to the list may be introduced and discussed at area meetings (October 10 & 11) and then debated in a breakout session on the first day of the Fall Session (October 30). A notice calling for requests for changes to the Disciplines List was mailed to local Senate presidents last March, and another notice will be sent out on September 18. All proposed requests are due no later than 5:00 PM on Friday, October 30 at Fall Session. Those interested in changing items on the list must use the form sent to local senates. These forms are also available upon request from the Senate office - 916/445-4753.

A complete timeline for the revision process appears below:

March 1998
First notice goes out to local academic senate presidents (including form with cover sheet indicating the criteria for submission of change)
April 3-4, 1998

Reinforced at Area Meetings
September 18, 1998
Second notice sent out to senate presidents, CIOs, CEOs, Curriculum Committee Chairs, discipline organizations, personnel officers. The revisions are sent to the senate presidents for discussion at Area Meetings.

October 30, 1998
All proposed revisions are due no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday at the Fall Session. A breakout held on Thursday, October 29, 1998 at the Fall Session to discuss the proposed changes to the Disciplines List.

November 13, 1998
Proposed list of changes mailed to senate presidents, CIOs, CEOs, Curriculum Committee Chairs, discipline organizations, personnel officers no later than two weeks after Fall Session.

December 1998/January 1999
Consultation with CIOs, CEOs, and COFO (bargaining units). Informal consultation with personnel officers.

January 1999/February 1999
Three hearings in the North, Central, and South on the proposed changes.

Hearings can result in modifications of the proposed changes, but no new changes can be proposed for any discipline due to the consultation process.

March 1999
The Executive Committee of the Academic Senate approves final versions of Disciplines List changes resolutions for submission to Spring Session.

April 1999
Spring Session delegates vote on resolutions.

July 1999
First Reading by the Board of Governors on changes recommended by Spring Session.

September 1999
Final action by Board of Governors.