Diversity Colloquia


The Center for the Study of Diversity in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education at DeAnza College and the California Community College Chancellor's Office are sponsoring four colloquia called "Commitment to Diversity" based on the Board of Governors adopted Commitment statement. The conference fee includes two hotel nights, single occupancy, all meals except for dinner on Friday evening, and conference materials. There are four colloquia sites and dates as follows: January 2l-23 in Monterey; February 18-20 in Laguna Cliffs; April 22-24 in "Budget" from page 7 Monterey; and November l9-2l in San Diego.

The purpose of the colloquia is to assist colleges and districts in their efforts to begin development of substantive and meaningful action plans in response to the various components of the Board of Governors adopted commitment statement. There will be opportunity for dialogue among the colleges attending, as well as an opportunity for college teams to meet to further the work of the commitment on each campus. Of particular concern will be an emphasis on issues of diversity in hiring and student success. Teams will be asked to bring copies of their hiring procedures, Student Equity Plans, and other relevant documents to be shared.

The colloquia will follow a process-oriented approach used recently in a series of colloquia addressing student equity issues. In addition to experienced facilitators, there will also be expert speakers on such issues as affirmative action (especially in light of the recent court decision upholding aspects of affirmative action, despite Governor Wilson's lawsuit against the community colleges and other state agencies), as well as speakers addressing diversity issues stemming from the Partnership for Excellence.

The Academic Senate is supporting the colloquia by sending members of the Affirmative Action/Cultural Diversity Committee and Executive Committee members to attend. The colloquia fulfill several resolutions adopted by Senate Plenary Body including 1998 Spring Resolution 3.08, which asked that the Senate endorse "efforts to promote and implement the goals of the Community College Pledge" ("pledge" was later changed to "commitment"). This resolution further asked "local senates and boards" to adopt the "pledge."

Among those on the Executive Committee expected to participate in the colloquia are Lina Chen, Chair of the Senate's Affirmative Action/Cultural Diversity (AA/CD) Committee; Beverly Shue and Edith Conn, members of the AA/CD Committee; Senate Secretary Linda Collins, speaking on the Partnership for Excellence; Winston Butler, Chair of the Senate's Faculty Development Committee; and Vice President Lee Haggerty, who will be a facilitator.