Julie's Inbox

Executive Director

The Academic Senate receives many requests from the field, and most of them come through the Senate Office into the inbox of our own Executive Director Julie Adams (hence the name of this column). As you might imagine these requests vary by topic, and the responses represent yet another resource to local senates. This column will share the questions and solutions offered by the President and the Executive Committee. Please send your thoughts or questions to Julie [at] asccc.org.

Dear Julie,

We are looking for good training materials for faculty serving on hiring committees for faculty positions. We especially want effective practices and models for diversity training. Where can we get such information?

Faculty Mindful of Inclusion

Dear FMI,

The Senate is interested in supporting diversity in all aspects of our work. Employing a diverse faculty and staff that reflects our student demographics has become a priority at our colleges. Hiring the most qualified faculty remains the ultimate goal, and to achieve that end, we recommend faculty training. Congratulations on recognizing the value of providing guidance and education to faculty serving on hiring committees.

First, the Senate published a paper on faculty hiring in 2000. You can access it at http://www.asccc.org/Publications/Papers/Faculty_hiring_fall00.htm. The paper addresses all aspects of the hiring process including paper screening and interviews. It addresses full- and part-time hires. However, it does not fully address diversity training nor does it offer models.

Second, the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Plan required of each district by the Chancellor's Office includes a reference to diversity training for all members of hiring committees, including committee members that are not regular employees such as consultants and community members directly involved in the process. The model EEO Plan developed by the Chancellor's Office does not, however, provide a training model; thus districts are left alone to develop appropriate materials and training workshops.

The Equity and Diversity Action Committee of the Academic Senate is working to develop training materials and recommendations for faculty. A tool kit or other materials should be available for adoption soon. We are always looking for good models and resources, and we welcome contributions and the sharing of any successful programs in this area. Please contact Beth Smith at beth.smith [at] gcccd.edu, the Chair of the Equity and Diversity Action Committee, with any ideas or contact information.