Julie’s Inbox….

Executive Director

Dear Julie,

I understand that campuses will need to recode their basic skills courses by March 2010. How do we get started on the CB 21 coding, when is the deadline, and who submits the changes?

Faculty must lead the re-coding effort in order to guarantee the correct coding based upon the CB 21 rubrics and curriculum documents. Work on the CB 21 re-coding should be done collaboratively by discipline experts, researchers, CIOs and curriculum committee members. This should be completed on paper using a spreadsheet of all sequential basic skills English, ESL, math, and reading courses. Double check the other CB codes related to transfer (CB 05) and credit degree applicability (CB 04) and basic skills (CB 08) as well as level prior to transfer (CB 21) as well as the TOP codes which have been changed for the basic skills courses. Consider the basic skills courses with regards to student pathways.

The deadline is March 1, 2010, for submission to the Chancellor's Office. After the fall data is submitted the MIS person in charge of course coding at your college should submit the re-coding as determined by the collegial process - they should not determine any coding. Courses that are not re-coded by March 1 will be flagged as errors. The 2010 summer ARCC supplemental report will then reflect the new coding and a more accurate picture of our basic skills work.

Good Luck!

Executive Committee