Program Review: Setting a Standard

Educational Policies Committee

This paper responds to Resolution 9.05 Fall 2007, calling for an update of the Academic Senate’s 1996 paper Program Review: Developing a Faculty Driven Process in the light of recent accreditation changes and other emerging issues. This paper has been written to expand on the best elements of the 1996 paper and to stand on its own without requiring that readers also review the earlier paper. Program review has evolved substantially since the development of that paper. Individuals and institutions engage in program review for a variety of reasons. This paper seeks to set a standard for program review in California community colleges based on the authority of local academic senates and their commitment to educational excellence, and also in light of external requirements. The Academic Senate continues to argue that program review must be a faculty-led process, motivated by professionalism and the desire to make community college programs relevant, effective, and exemplary.