10.09 ASCCC Advocacy

The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges is incorporated as a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization. As stated on the website for the Hurwit & Associates Law Firm, “One of the advantages of the 501(c)(6) tax status is that it allows organizations to engage in unlimited amounts of lobbying.” Whereas local academic senates are limited in their advocacy activities by Education Code, the ASCCC has broad latitude to engage in lobbying. However, as a matter of policy, the ASCCC adheres to the following self-imposed restrictions:

  • The ASCCC may take positions on national or state legislation, ballot proposals, and other matters placed before voters through the established plenary session resolution process if those matters are connected or related to the purview of the academic senates as defined in Title 5 regulations and California Education Code.
  • In periods between plenary sessions, the ASCCC Executive Committee, by majority vote, is empowered to take positions on national or state legislation, ballot proposals, and other matters placed before voters. Positions established by the Executive Committee do not take priority over and may be reversed by positions established through the plenary session resolutions process.
  • Positions regarding legislation taken through the plenary session resolutions process will be specifically associated with the version of the bill identified by date of the bill indicated in the resolution. Resolutions will clearly define the reasons for the positions taken. If future versions of the bill change the legislation in such ways as to contradict the reasoning stated in the resolution, the Executive Committee is empowered to establish positions that are not in concert with the position stated in the resolution.
  • The ASCCC does not endorse any political candidate for any office, whether national, state-wide, or local.
  • The ASCCC does not take positions on city or county ballot proposals, bonds, or other matters placed before voters.

Reference: Hurwit & Associates. (2021). Lobbying by 501 (c)(6) Organizations. Retrieved from https://www.hurwitassociates.com/lobbying-advocacy/lobbying-by-501-c-6-organizations.

Approved by ASCCC Executive Committee June 2021