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February 25, 2022

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Latest Rostrum Articles

The Insidious “D”
The Importance of Major Preparation
The Importance of Designated CTE Liaisons for Local Senates
The Impact of the Overuse of Part-Time Faculty
The Impact of ASCCC Statewide Service
The Human Side of Section 508
The History of the ASCCC Project: The Founding of the ASCCC
The History of the ASCCC Project: A Partial History of the Passage of AB 1725
The High Tech Center Training Unit
The Genie in the Bottle: Disaggregation of Student Learning Outcomes Data
The Future ASCCC Mission
The Fork in the Road
The Forgotten Ones: Whom Do We Represent?
The ERWC: An Additional Approach to Increasing College Readiness
The Disciplines List Revision Process is Now Annual and Starts Now!
The Disciplines List Revision Process is Now Annual and Starts Now
The Disciplines List Hearings
The Digital Divide: Information Competency, Computer Literacy, and Community College Proficiencies
The Devil's in the Pragmatism
The Deferral
The Curriculum Committee
The CTE Way: Decisions that Affect Student Success
The Course Outline of Record vs. Academic Freedom
The Corporatization of Higher Education
The COR (Course Outline of Record) of the Objective