50% Audit of All Districts

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State and Legislative Issues

Whereas legislation exists specifying that California community college districts allocate 50% of the "Current Expenses of Education" budget to classroom instruction, and

Whereas a random audit of ten California community college districts revealed that six were out of compliance with the 50% law, and

Whereas the California community colleges are recipients of public funds and ought to be routinely audited to ensure compliance with all legislative requirements,

Resolved that the Academic Senate arrange consultation with the Chancellor to recommend that the proper state agency conduct a thorough audit on the 50% law of all community college districts, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate include specific remedies for noncompliance with the legislated requirements in its recommendations to the Chancellor.

(mwl 2009)
Status Report: 

The Chancellor's Office has issued a report citing measures taken by three districts to achieve compliance. The President worked with the 50% Law Task Force that has recommended a number of measures to improve auditing and enforcement of the 50% law. Current efforts to legislatively mandate ongoing compliance audits are being made by CTA/CCA.