The 60% Law and Governance

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Due to Academic Senate opposition, SB 847 was withdrawn by the maker.

Whereas, Title 5 53200 states that the Academic Senate has the primary function on academic and professional matters;

Whereas, Full-time faculty have the responsibility and accountability for the ten-plus-one items of curriculum development and update, program development, student success and preparation, accreditation and accountability measures, program review and more;

Whereas, Full-time faculty have the primary professional responsibility for fulfilling Title 5 53200 and ensuring governance and "participate effectively" are met; and

Whereas, Full-time faculty involvement is essential to governance matters on campus and full-time faculty fill most of the critical committee commitments, such as budget, enrollment management, and professional development;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges express its concerns that the change in the 60% law proposed by SB 847 (February 16, 2006) will have a negative impact upon faculty governance responsibilities.MSC Disposition: Legislators, Local Senates