Accountability Reports

Resolution Number: 
Faculty Development

Whereas local academic senates have the responsibility for local faculty development activities and district wide faculty development activities in accordance with AB 1725, and

Whereas local and district academic senates continue to have difficulty with the accountability of the use of staff development and staff diversity funds as these funds are used for faculty development activities in many staff development programs, and

Whereas there are no recommended formal ratios for the equitable distribution of funds among faculty and classified and administrative staff, and

Whereas Resolution 12.5 S96 requested that "the Board of Governors include in Title 5 Regulations the provision that the annual accountability reports to the Chancellor's Office on the use of staff development and staff diversity funds include a signoff by the college's academic senate president,"

Resolved that the Academic Senate direct the Executive Committee to pursue vigorously, in the current revision process of the Education Code being conducted by the Chancellor's Office, provision that the local academic senate be involved in the development and/or review of reports prior to the academic senate president's signoff on annual accountability reports of staff development and staff diversity funds.

Status Report: 

Resistance is very high to the practice of local senate president sign-off. Little progress is likely.