Appreciation of Staff

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Academic Senate

Whereas, The Office Staff of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has demonstrated dedication, endless hard work, competence and brilliance in organizing, supporting, coordinating and implementing all components of the Fall Session 2001; and

Whereas, The Office Staff has vigorously and consistently sought to improve sessions throughout the years;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate express its thanks and gratitude to Executive Director Julie Adams for her selfless service; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate express the same thanks and gratitude to Publications Specialist Rita Rasskazova; Office Manager Leonor Sette; and Administrative Assistants Kathleen Emerson, Donna Howard, Chris Hutson, Germaine Kennix and Yesterdae Martinez.

Status Report: 

The president and Executive Committee members continue to express thanks to the Executive Director and office staff for jobs well done.