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Academic Senate

Whereas, The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges opposes the leadership training program proposed in SB 894 (Scott) because among many reasons, it allocates authority for administering the program to a private college, Claremont Graduate University, which already has a memorandum of understanding with a private, self-selected, administrator dominated Community College Leadership Development Institute (CCLDI);

Whereas, A recent amendment to SB 894 would add a provision that the Chancellor should select the institution to administer the program through an "open and competitive" process;

Whereas, At this current date, the chances of a truly competitive process are very unlikely, as neither of the public institutions of higher education, California State University (CSU) or University of California (UC), has such an institute, even though both are considering moving into the leadership training area; and it is therefore premature to expect them to compete within the time frame proposed by the bill; and

Whereas, The Chancellor has been serving on the CCLDI Board for over two years and thus would have a conflict of interest in running a selection process that included that Institute as an applicant;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate oppose SB 894 (Scott) unless amended to reconstitute the initiative to include: 1) the Academic Senate in representative advisory structure, 2) a comprehensive approach to leadership development with a central role for the public institutions of higher education in California (UC and/or CSU); and 3) collegiality and diversity as core values and organizational principles; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate not support an amended bill unless it specifies that the institution administering any community college leadership program funded by the state be a public university.

Status Report: 

SB894 was vetoed by the Governor.