COIN/Exit Tests

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Commission on Innovation

Whereas the California Community Colleges are a large and effective provider of vocational-technical training and provide a lower division education of sufficient quality that the performance of its transfer students equals or exceeds that of native students at the California State University and University of California, and

Whereas the California Community Colleges provide the most effective access of historically underrepresented minorities to higher education, enrolling one of every eight such students in the United States, and

Whereas single-measure assessment instruments have been universally discounted in their effectiveness at predicting student outcomes and have been found to be biased to the point that legal sanctions have been imposed to prevent their use, and

Whereas the Commission on Innovation report Choosing the Future: An Action Agenda for Community Colleges in Recommendation 1, Strategy 4, states, "Pilot a system of assessments for students to demonstrate their competence to obtain community college degrees or certificates and to transfer to four-year colleges or universities,"

Resolved that the Academic Senate reject any proposal for the use of exit tests as a requirement for students to receive a community college degree or certificate.