Contingency Funding for PFE

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Budget and Finance
Status Report

The President opposed PFE set aside for performance rewards.Because of the Senate's testimony, the BOG amended the contingent funding mechanism to stress quality, require demonstration that results were done to programmatic improvements by PFE, and limits money to the Chancellor's Office for administrative purposes. The Senate continues to oppose triggering on contingent mechanism.

Whereas the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has adopted numerous resolutions opposing performance-based funding and distribution of Partnership for Excellence funds contingent on student achievement, and

Whereas the Consultation Task Force on Contingent Funding has consistently opposed differential funding as a solution to the budget language requiring a contingent funding mechanism and instead recommended a technical assistance and progressive intervention model for districts struggling to increase student success, and

Whereas even with the use of statistical means (such as regression analysis) to level the playing field, any differential funding mechanism will tend to reward districts for variables beyond their control and exacerbate differences in funding between colleges and the communities they serve and diminish the overall resources available to all,

Resolved that the Academic Senate oppose the introduction of a set-aside of any Partnership for Excellence dollars to "reward" districts that are "top performers" in attaining Partnership for Excellence goals, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate encourage non-monetary incentives for improving student success, such as acknowledging accomplishments and encouraging recognition by the Board of Governors; sharing successful strategies at workshops and conferences and through intercampus visits and exchanges; and writing press releases featuring successful programs and projects.