Course Outline Cover Sheet

Resolution Number
Beverly Shue
Assigned to
Curriculum Committee
Status Report

A previous curriculum committee recommended that this be declared not feasible, but this must not have been officially done. This is the official request for deeming the resolution not feasible.

Whereas the IGETC/CSU GE Breadth Requirements Evaluation Committee has the task of reading 600-700 courses submitted by 107 community colleges each year to determine whether or not these courses meet the criteria for granting IGETC and/or CSU general education credit in the categories requested by the community colleges, and

Whereas the course outline format from each of the 107 community colleges varies considerably in course outline elements, such as course title, description, units, content, student educational tasks, evaluation criteria, texts, and IGETC/GE category requested,

Resolved that the Academic Senate direct the Executive Committee to review community college course outline formats and make recommendations on a common course outline cover sheet for courses submitted to the IGETC/CSU Breadth Requirements Evaluation Committee, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate, if a recommended common course outline coversheet is adopted by a future plenary session, urge local senates and curriculum committees to adopt the agreed-upon course outline coversheet.