CSU's Lower Division Transfer Pattern Project

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Transfer and Articulation Committee
Intersegmental Issues
Status Report

CCC facultyrepresentatives to LDTP and to regional groups are also given this charge to carry forward in their discussions. CSU LDTP administration and ASCSU were provided copy of resolution.

Whereas, SB 1785 requires all California State Universities (CSU) to reach agreement on a common lower division pattern of60 units for each high-demand baccalaureate program major through their Lower Division Transfer Pattern project (LDTP);

Whereas, The 60-unit patterns devised through LDTP will typically comprise 39 general education units, 6 major preparation units, and an additional 15 "locally determined units" of transfer credit to be identified by the department of each of these majors at each of the CSU campuses;

Whereas, California community colleges may offer more than 6 units as part of their programmatic major to expose students to a wide array of topics and specializations, to inspire and prepare them broadly, to encourage more students to major in the discipline, and to offer an Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) degree in that discipline; and

Whereas, The major programs currently offered by California community colleges will be decimated if the individual CSU departments do not accept, as part of their 15 locally determined units, additional community college courses in the major that would be taken as part of the AA/AS program at our colleges;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recommend to its CSU colleagues that as CSU departments determine the 15 locally determined units to be required of transfer students, the departments consider the benefits to students, to CSUs, and to community colleges of accepting more than the minimum 6 units of major preparation by allowing additional major courses within the discretionary 15-unit component.
MSCDisposition: ICAS