Data Collection of Noncredit Students

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Whereas data on noncredit students and on student services for noncredit students are not being collected statewide, and

Whereas noncredit programs are serving a growing population in our state, and

Whereas noncredit students in many districts have historically been excluded from student service programs which improve successful matriculation to further educational pursuits,

Resolved that the Academic Senate request the Chancellor's Office to include noncredit students and faculty in all data which is collected regarding student services, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate ask the Chancellor's Office to revise their forms to include data on noncredit students in the nine apportionment program categories to facilitate the movement of students from noncredit to credit courses,

Resolved that the Academic Senate recommend to the Chancellor's Office that when plans vital to the success and access of students are proposed (such as the Student Equity Plan) and when major sources of funding for student services are proposed (such as matriculation funds) these plans and funding apply to noncredit students as well.