Direct Election of Area Representatives

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Academic Senate

Whereas currently the entire Executive Committee is elected on an at-large basis, and

Whereas by having a mixture of "at-large" and "area" representatives, the Senate would more closely resemble local senates which are comprised of both divisional representatives and senators-at-large, and

Whereas electing Area Representatives by region would allow a greater responsiveness by these representatives to their own local area senates, by affording an opportunity for more members to participate on the Academic Senate Executive Committee, since it would allow those with only local reputations to win a place (and so a voice) on the State Executive Committee, and

Whereas locally elected Area Representatives would be carrying forward local concerns, the Senate Executive Committee as a whole would be better informed on local matters,

Resolved that the State Academic Senate's Election Rules and Procedures be amended to allow Area Representatives to be elected directly by area members.
[NOTE: This resolution will begin the process for changing the Bylaws and rules.]
M/S/C Disposition: Executive Committee, Local Senates