Distance Learning Innovation Incentives

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Distance Learning

Whereas distance learning by definition defies the artificially imposed boundaries similar to districts, counties, states or countries because a signal may be originated in one location and received at virtually any destination, and

Whereas state funding mechanisms remain artificially tied to concepts like districts, and growth caps calculated on population fluctuations with specified geographic boundaries while at the same time providing for free flow of students, and

Whereas it could be argued that the most efficient utilization of many distant learning technologies might be to establish a small number of origination sites or to insure a coordinated delivery of one product (course) from multiple sites, and

Whereas current discussions seem mute regarding some of the greatest efficiencies of these new technologies and potential funding implications,

Resolved that the Academic Senate urge the President to direct the representatives on the distance learning taskforce to include fiscal incentives for plans which demonstrate multi-college, regional and or consortium-based development and implementation, and that this concept be included in guidelines now under discussion.