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This is a referred resolution. Committee Chair worked with original author and ASCCC Exec members to re-craft this resolution. It was passed as re-crafted in Spring of 2007.

Whereas, The high cost of textbooks is a barrier to student access and the expense of textbooks often forces students to sacrifice academic time for work hours;

Whereas, Electronic web-based material is often less expensive than a printed text and of greater educational value because of its interactive and multimedia nature;

Whereas, The January 2006 revision to Title5 59402 failed in its definition of "tangible personal property" to include electronic, web-based material that reduces the financial burden on the student and allows the instructor choice of appropriate teaching materials; and

Whereas, The continuing and tangible value of web-based materials is provided to the students in the form of instructor-provided materials as well as printouts, student notes, assignments, portfolios, and other coursework;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recommend that the Board of Governors of California Community Colleges revise the definition of "tangible personal property" in Title 5 59402 to include electronic, web-based material; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recommend that districts may require students to pay for electronic material only if the material is in lieu of, rather than in addition to, other generally available but more expensive material which would otherwise be required.MSR Disposition: Executive Committee to research and report by Spring 2007 Plenary Session.