EERA Paper

Resolution Number
Assigned to
Collective Bargaining

Whereas the delegates to the 1988 Fall Session have expressed grave concern with the presentation of the study paper "Academic Senates and Collective Bargaining" and

Whereas many of the 1988 Fall Session delegates have expressed an interest in the opportunity to express a position on what would be the most effective and productive approach to the study of EERA, and

Whereas area meetings have invested a great deal of work and consideration in formulating various amendments and/or substitute resolutions to the resolution to approve the study paper on EERA, and

Whereas it is the desire of the Executive Committee that the plenary body, rather than the Executive Committee, make a decision with regard to the disposition of the study,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges withdraw from consideration the paper titled "Academic Senates and Collective Bargaining."