Effective Practices for Allowing Students to Repeat Courses to Alleviate Substandard Grades

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Educational Policies Committee
Grading Policies
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2021-2022: The committee agreed to collect and survey policies on the repetition of substandard work to look for trends and policies currently being used. The chair will collect policies 4225 from committee members and others, and the committee will review at a future meeting for trends. 2021-2022: Committee members can collect links to BP & AP 4225 or equivalent from colleges in each area, including small & large, urban & rural, etc. 

Whereas, Many California community colleges allow students to repeat courses with substandard grades in order for students to improve their grade point average (GPA) and move closer to completion of their educational goals if the course is deemed equivalent and repeated at another regionally accredited institution;

Whereas, California community colleges apply a wide range of policies regarding course repetition for substandard grades, and some have more punitive policies that only allow students to repeat courses with substandard grades if they do so at the college/district in which they earned the substandard grade, which is impractical for students since they may no longer be enrolled at the college, the course may have been deleted, or the course may only be offered once a year;

Whereas, The California State University (CSU) system announced at the 2017 CSU Counselor Conference their intention to enforce a policy to not consider the grade of a repeated course when reviewing for transfer admission if a course with a substandard grade is not annotated as repeated on the student’s community college transcript; and

Whereas, Both the California Community Colleges system and the CSU system have committed to increasing the number of graduating students, moving students more efficiently towards completion of their educational and career goals, and improving overall student success, and the practice of disallowing grade forgiveness for a repeated course that was not repeated at the campus the substandard grade was earned is inconsistent with these commitments and harms students;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges investigate and disseminate by Spring 2019 effective practices and policies surrounding the repetition of courses where students earned substandard grades.