Equity and Diversity

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Equity and Diversity

Whereas, The soon-to-be-published report of the Chancellor's Office Task Force on Equity and Diversity will discuss the implementation of specific goals in the areas of equity and diversity by various system constituencies, including the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges; and

Whereas, The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has a long history of support for principles of student equity and the value of diversity, and is therefore positioned to be a leader in modeling the translation of such principles into action;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate work with local senates to implement the following recommendations with respect to equity and diversity:
1) That every academic senate form a committee on equity and diversity; and
2) That the local equity and diversity committee work with the administration to revise and implement its student equity plan.MSC Disposition:Local Senates

Status Report: 

The System Office has said that the 15 colleges that have not submitted their plans will have diversity funding withheld because they have not met minimum conditions.