Equivalency Resources for Local Senates

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2017 - 18: The committee to determine how best to accomplish this resolution and a timeline for completion.

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Whereas, The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has long asserted that all faculty must exemplify what it means to be an educated person through the attainment of depth and breadth of knowledge and experience that is at least equal to the discipline-specific and general education requirements of a college degree;

Whereas, Applicants for faculty positions in the California community colleges who do not meet the minimum qualifications may demonstrate that their qualifications are equivalent to the minimum qualifications through a variety of means, depending on local policies, including through demonstrated completion of academic coursework in the discipline and in general education, through work experience, and through eminence; and

Whereas, Local senates often struggle with determining whether or not the qualifications of applicants with significant years of professional experience but with little or no formal academic preparation are equivalent to the minimum qualifications, particularly in the career technical education disciplines, and would benefit from the availability of expanded resources for determining equivalencies to the minimum qualifications;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges work with faculty and other entities as appropriate to develop and disseminate resources that empower local senates to evaluate and assess, more effectively and with greater flexibility, the qualifications of applicants for faculty positions who have significant professional experience in the field but who have not completed formal academic work in the discipline and/or in general education and report the outcomes by Spring 2018.