Faculty Evaluations Processes

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Educational Policies Committee
Professional Standards
Status Report

Survey has been completed and paper was adopted in Spring 2013.

Whereas, Education Code and Title 5 Regulations clearly define the local academic senate’s purview relative to academic and professional matters, and the evaluation of faculty, including counselors and librarians, is a professional matter negotiated by local unions after consultation with local academic senates (Education Code §87610.1);

Whereas, The Academic Senate advocates for quality evaluations and evaluation procedures but has not recently surveyed local academic senates about the types of evaluation processes currently in use across the state and has not updated its 1990 paper Guidelines for Developing a Faculty Evaluation Process; and

Whereas, Many changes in teaching and service delivery have occurred in the last 20 years (i.e., distance education, hybrid courses, web-based databases and online student faculty interactions) which require modified or new evaluation techniques and processes;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges survey districts on the processes and criteria used for faculty evaluation and work with statewide bargaining organizations to analyze the results and identify and formulate effective practices for the purpose of updating the 1990 paper Guidelines for Developing a Faculty Evaluation Process.