Faculty Involvement in Grant-funded Efforts Related to Academic and Professional Matters

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We did multiple breakouts on this topic--2014 Leadership, Spring 2013 Plenary, etc.

Whereas, Unprecedented budget challenges are prompting California community colleges to seek alternative funding sources, such as grants, with increasing urgency;

Whereas, Grants often include provisions for the creation and/or implementation of new policies, processes, and technologies that are within the purview of the local senate;

Whereas, Districts and colleges have well-established processes for ensuring that decision-making is a participatory process and that faculty have primacy in making recommendations related to academic and professional matters; and

Whereas, Circumvention of these processes may have unintended negative consequences that eschew the 10+1 responsibilities of the local senate;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges urge local senates to collaborate with administrators to develop formal policies and procedures for the development and approval of grant-driven projects.